As rumors of an Aniston-Mayer bust-up swirl the internet, The ENQUIRER has the dirt on Jen’s new love!

It’s spending money!

While most Americans are tightening their belts, Jennifer Aniston has been on a spending spree – recently dropping $50,000 on a romantic getaway with boyfriend John Mayer. She even paid for his-and-hers private jets!

Her friends speculate that the star spends money on big-ticket items to fill the void of being single and childless at 40.

"Jen is burning through money at an alarming rate," a close friend told The ENQUIRER. "Sure, she’s rich. But even for a big star, Jen’s spending has gotten out of control."

She drops approximately $20,000 a month at restaurants, where she regularly picks up the tab for her pals. And in addition to spending millions to renovate her Beverly Hills mansion, Jen spends a fortune on her appearance.

The actress shells out nearly $20,000 a month on beauty treatments, salon visits, a personal trainer, food delivery service, makeup and massages, says the friend.

"Spending helps numb Jen to the things she DOESN’T have, like a husband and children. These days, even the super wealthy are cutting back," the friend added.

"But not Jen."

For all the details pick up the latest ENQUIRER.  Plus- the secret of John Mayer’s bizarre demands that may have busted the couple up!