EMILY MAYNARD’s awkward 15 minutes of faux LOVE up as she succumbs to green-eyed monster of jealous regret.

Despite reports linking Em with NASCAR driver Jason White, she’s envious that Arie Luyendyk, Jr. is dating The Bachelor star Courtney Robertson.

The 26-year-old single mom, who canceled her pending nups to “winner” Jef Holm, Em regrets not picking Arie now that her relationship with the charity owner is over, reported.

She fears that not being in a high-profile relationship with another reality TV contestant will harm her celebrity status and she always thought she’d have Arie to fall back on.

“When Emily saw that Arie was dating Courtney, she got a little jealous,” a source told

“It kind of rubbed salt into the wounds for her because the relationship she had with Jeff didn’t work out and it was a tough decision for her to let Arie go.

 “There was no doubt that the pair had an instant chemistry with one another and she was incredibly attracted to him.

“But she made the wrong choice and now she’s sweating if it will affect her fame. Emily knew that being together in a celebrity relationship would keep her relevant – but now she’s concerned that people will just forget about her.

“That could be part of the reason she’s envious, because Arie is dating a fellow reality TV contestant,” the source added.

Meanwhile, others are saying the whole thing might possibly be nonsense.