Published on: April 3, 2001

Uneasy lies the bride who beds Brad Pitt! Shakespeare didn't need to warn Jennifer Aniston about the dangers of marrying a sex symbol --the TV cutie swiftly unsheathed her claws and investigated the sizzling Las Vegas topless showgirl Brad romances in "Ocean's Eleven" so thoroughly that buzz on the "Friends" set was she'd hired a PRIVATE EYE!!

Jennifer, who fretted about make-out scenes between Brad's character and a mob moll played by hottie Kelly Adkins, FREAKED when Courteney Cox told her how wild the Sin City parties had been when she filmed "3000 Miles to Graceland."

Jennifer told Courteney, "I'm going to look into who the hell this girl is!" Two days later Jennifer had a complete background check on Kelly -- even boasting she knew where the girl had gone to high school!

After seeing photos of the busty beauty -- SURPRISE, SURPRISE! -- Jennifer swooped down on Brad's set and sat ringside to make damn sure Kelly's wiles (to quote The Bard again) were love's labours LOST!