JANET JACKSON is more than living large again – she’s packed the pounds on – making like a human zeppelin instead of the Rhythm Nation hottie.

Weighing in at a svelte 120 just a few months ago, it’s clear in a recent pic, that the music star is packing on the pounds again. In fact, insiders say she gained a staggering 21 pounds in just eight weeks.

She is now at 141 pounds and is scrambling to shed the weight for her comeback tour.

"Janet lost control of her diet at the end of last year, then she went hog-wild on junk food over the holidays," an insider told The ENQUIRER.

"After gorging on high-fat indulgences like mashed potatoes and gravy, ham, macaroni and cheese and red velvet cake, she’s paying the price."

"Janet was able to get back into an exercise routine. She’s working out seven days a week, swimming, doing aerobics, kickboxing, running and lifting weights.

"And she’s hoping that the nightly workout of performing onstage will help with her weight loss, too."

In recent years, Janet’s weight has yo-yo’d between 120 and 180 pounds.

The 44-year-old performer has cut fast food, carbs and rich desserts from her diet and is focusing on small portions of fresh fish, grilled chicken and lots of green salads and fresh fruit.

She’s also limited herself to no more than 1,500 calories a day.

"Janet has incredible self-discipline – when she puts her mind to it," said the insider.

"Her new tour is a ‘greatest hits’ show – and Janet is determined to make it her best tour ever."

All the details are in the ENQUIRER