GLEE star JANE LYNCH is anything but a gay divorcee af­ter being blindsided by her 44-year-old wife Dr. Lara Embry.

Court papers obtained by The ENQUIRER reveal that psychologist Lara is demanding a whopping $93,000 a month in spousal support after just three years of marriage, and she may receive half of the couple’s community property under California law.

Jane, who plays cheer­leading coach Sue Sylvester on “Glee,” got hitched to Lara in 2010 in Maine, where gay marriage is legal. They later peti­tioned the courts to have their partnership recog­nized in their home state of California.

“At the time, Jane’s friends and family suggested she get Lara to sign a pre-nuptial agreement, but Jane didn’t feel she need­ed one,” revealed an insider. “Although she was making a lot of dough on ‘Glee,’ she felt that because Lara was a successful clini­cal psychologist, money wouldn’t be an issue.

“But when the two separated in February, Lara went for the jugu­lar. Jane is just plain shocked.”

Lara’s money grab may include half the value of Jane’s $5 million L.A. home. The star – who is reportedly worth $10 million – already owned it when they wed, and she shelled out $3 million to make it more comfortable for Lara and her now-11-year-old daughter Haden, say sources.

“Jane was prepared to hand over half of the money she made during the marriage, but she never dreamed Lara would ask for so much, especially the spousal support,” said the source.

According to the legal documents, Lara’s average monthly expenses include $12,000 for entertainment, gifts and vacations; $6,500 for clothes; $4,500 for dining out; $4,000 for her daughter’s education; $1,500 for child care; $1,800 in groceries and household supplies and a whopping $5,000 for charitable donations.

Adding insult to financial injury, Jane has moved out of the house while Lara and Haden continue to live there.

“Jane adores Haden and the two get along great, and it just breaks her heart to have things turn nasty and affect that relationship,” said the source. “Meanwhile, Jane is just anxious to get the divorce over. But I’m afraid it’s going to be a long, bitter battle.”