JACLYN SMITH breaks down in tears over fallen “ANGEL” FARRAH FAWCETT.
Jaclyn openly wept outside a LA courthouse, still mourning the tragic death of her longtime BFF and costar
As The ENQUIRER reported previously Farrah’s ex BF has been embroiled in a legal war with the University of Texas over an Andy Warhol portrait of the iconic blonde. It was during O’Neal’s deposition that he made the stunning admission that he had cheated on Farrah.
After giving testimony in case, Jaclyn was eyewitness-ed hugging both Ryan and his son Redmond whom Farrah bore.
She then burst into uncontrollable tears. 
Smith told The New York Post, that she broke down “seeing Redmond, and I miss Farrah.” 
Meanwhile, the courtroom battle for the pop iconography continues unabated.
At stake — a painting and a tablecloth Handy Andy sketched on.