The National Enquirer can reveal for the first time the real story of how Michael Jackson beat his child molestation rap.

The megastar personally controlled a team of top lawyers, aides and private eyes with a single goal — to destroy the evidence of his accuser and the boy’s family.

He was determined to walk away from a second damning sex abuse accusation — even though he had happily confessed on TV to sharing his bed with young boys.

We have broken story after story about Jackson’s bizarre behavior with boys — telling many of them in our pages before they had even reached the jury. But soon after the trial began we predicted the jury decision with an exclusive March 21 story headlined Why Michael Will Go Free.

Using police documents and court records, we detailed the ammo stored up by Jacko’s legal henchmen to prove the accuser’s family were “wack-job con artists.”

The unanimous decision on June 13 proved us right again.

Now, we have pieced together the crucial evidence that set Jacko, 46, free — cleared on 10 charges linked to the child abuse probe.

Read all about the Jackson verdict in this week’s Enquirer. On sale now!