Shocking new pics of King Bizarro, Michael Jackson, reveal his days of gyration are over!

Jackson, 49, was photographed in his PJs as he was maneuvered in a wheelchair around a Vegas bookstore.

"He looks really frail," said photog Mike Lopez who lensed the Jackson pics.
"His skin was peeling and . . . he looks so thin and gaunt," Lopez told the NY Daily News.

Whacko Jacko wore his trademark surgical mask and a US Marines cap as he browsed the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Vegas where he and his Neverland refugees relocated after Jacko’s brush with foreclosure.

The kids, Prince I, Paris, and Prince II left separately as B&N grunts loaded a box of books into the Whacko-mobile.

"He didn’t look well," Lopez added.

After years of extensive plastic surgery speculation is Jackson is simply falling apart.