RUSSELL CROWE’S marriage breakup has also torpedoed his close friendship with fel­low thesp HUGH JACKMAN, says source.

Crowe had a falling out with his “Les Miserables” co-star after Jackman made a desperate, eleventh-hour at­tempt to save Russell’s crumbling marriage to Danielle Spencer while the two were film­ing a screen version of the hit musical earlier this year, the source added.

“Hugh and Russell have been good friends for more than ten years, and Russell confided in Hugh about his marital trou­bles,” revealed an insider. “Hugh is always optimistic and told him he could still make a go of it with Danielle.

“Hugh told Russell he needed to make more of an effort by sending Danielle flow­ers, calling home more and surprising her with a visit during a shooting break.

“Hugh keeps his own home fires burning by having his wife Deborra-Lee and their two children close to him. They often travel and stay with him during film shoots. He even arranges his acting schedule around important dates in their lives.”

Sadly, Hugh’s advice came too late to save his buddy’s disintegrating marriage.

Word of the split between Crowe, 48, and Spencer – his wife of nine years and mother of his two young sons – leaked out in October.

As The ENQUIRER previously reported, the last straw came when Dani­elle, 42, was seen out with handsome pro hoofer Damien Whitewood, her partner from the Australian version of “Dancing with the Stars.”

“Now Russell’s marital failure has put distance between him and Hugh,” revealed the insider. “He’s going to forever associate working with Hugh as the time when his marriage was crumbling.”