Jackie Kennedy‘s drug & booze binges after JFK assassination! Plus: affairs with Bobby Kennedy & Marlon Brando!

A grieving Jackie Kennedy boozed nonstop and got hooked on pills after the assassination of her husband, JFK, an explosive new book reveals.
In Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story, author C. David Heymann gives inside details of Jackie’s reputed affair with JFK’s brother – and claims the former first lady popped antidepressants, swallowed sleeping pills, and even turned to methamphetamine injections after JFK’s death!

"Heymann says Jackie was drinking herself into stupors following President Kennedy’s death," a publishing insider familiar with the book’s contents told The ENQUIRER.

"In one jarring scene described in the book, Jackie is caught boozing heavily… slurring her words, laughing hysterically.

"Friends helped her stagger out of the club and realized she was going through a manic-depressive period."

In addition to getting hooked on "sleeping pills and antidepressants," Jackie turned to Dr. Max Jacobson – a "Dr. Feelgood" who had treated her husband – for meth injections, according to Heymann.

"The high-voltage shots enabled her to get out of the house," said the source.

Heymann also recounts how Bobby Kennedy‘s affair with Jackie was discovered in 1964 during Christmas vacation at the Kennedy estate in Palm Beach, Fla., according to the source.

"Socialite Mary Harrington was watching from the house next door as Bobby came out to see Jackie, who was bathing topless," said the source. "He put one hand on one breast and slid the other hand down inside her bikini bottom. Two minutes later, they went inside."

Jackie also had a fling with Oscar-winning actor Marlon Brando.

"Jackie and her sister went out for a night of drinking and dancing with Marlon in February 1964 at the Jockey Club," the insider divulged.

"Jackie pressed her thighs into his on the dance floor and they slid into the booth to make out. Brando later admitted that Jackie asked him to spend the night, and he willingly agreed."