Party “boy” JACK NICHOLSON, 75, may hit on Oscar winning JENNIFER LAWRENCE, 22, but won’t go anywhere near THE VAMPIRE DIARIES resident cutie NINA DOBREV, 24.

Nina was hanging with newly single BFF Julianne Hough at the Lakers game when she saw the legendary lothario.

Naturally, Nina want to take a pic of herself with Jack but was DENIED!


"Just asked jack Nicholson to take a picture WITH ME.. He said no. #rejected," Dobrev posted, linking to a WhoSay image of Jack, 75, who was enjoying the game. "Haha so I took a pic of him solo #paparazzi LOL"


No biggie though for Nina who’s big in the key 18-34 demographic market on the CW series.


Besides, Jack may already know that Nina is already dating her “centuries old” co-star Ian Sommerhalder who may rip HIS heart out if given the chance.


And as for being rejected by Jack – that’s kind of a rarity in TinselTown.