Not Toying Around

J.Lo To Casper: Get Lost!

Jennifer Lopez isn't ready to settle down!

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Deluded dancer Casper Smart asked Jennifer Lopez to be more than just his Valentine on the Hallmark holiday — but it looks as if Cupid still has his work cut out for him!

Insiders told The National ENQUIRER that J.Lo and her former backup dancer are anything but a couple, no matter how many people crazy Casper tells otherwise!

The boy toy “basically proposed marriage,” said one pal about the cringe-worthy campaign of puppy love that went on for hours and hours on Feb. 14.

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“He set up a whole Valentine’s Day romantic approach.

“He told friends he ‘had a huge surprise for her and was going to show her what a real man does for a woman he loves.’”

The ill-fated charm offensive kicked off with four dozen red roses accompanied by “a love note professing his respect, love and adoration for her,” the source said.

Casper, 28, then texted Jennifer, 46, a cartoon picture of an engagement ring and followed up with a call that J.Lo didn’t answer — before she called him back to thank him for the flowers, at which point he asked for her hand in marriage!

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But Jen, who once dumped Casper after he allegedly cheated with two transsexuals, “shot him right down.”

“Jen never had any intention of marrying Casper,” said the astonished buddy. “If there’s another marriage for her, it will be a smart one!”