MONICA Lewinsky — fresh from flunking out of a fat farm — is busting out all over!

Unabashed, she’s wearing new revealing tops and even showing off her cleavage.

Monica has agreed to participate in an HBO documentary about her affair with Bill Clinton.

It’s due to air early next year — and the Mouth That Roared is determined to lose the weight even if it means going under the knife.

After hightailing it from a fat farm early this year, the 27-year-old femme fat-ale has a new plan: “I’m getting plastic surgery!”

And it’s not just lip service. She’s so impressed by the results achieved by her archenemy Linda Tripp that she’s arranging consultations to get liposuction.

This past January, after tipping the scales at 185 pounds, the 5-foot-6 former White House intern checked into the posh Red Mountain Resort & Spa in Ivins, Utah.

But the food fanatic made it through only six days of its seven-day program before fleeing what she called “squirrel” food.

“The first time the spa served Monica a small portion for dinner, she laughed. She thought the main entree was an appetizer — and she asked her server for her entree,” revealed a close source.

Monica visited the luxurious spa — tucked away about 100 miles east of Las Vegas — at a cost of $1,440 for a week in a single room, plus about $400 for massages and special treatments.

An estimated 70 million people tuned in to ABC’s 1999 Monica Lewinsky interview — said to be the highest-rated TV news program ever.

The retreat helps people lose weight with small tasty meals and teaches them good nutrition.

The presidential playmate paid for the pampering even though she still has legal bills exceeding $1.5 million. Monica-designed purses — which cost between $100 and $160 each — are flying off the shelves, and she’s enjoying the fruits of her business.

At first the portly handbag honcho went for the spa program whole hog — but then she began longing for pizza and burgers.

“She told a friend she wants to have liposuction on her thighs and butt — that it’s the only way she’s going to shed the pounds,” disclosed the close source.

Revealed an insider: “At the Red Mountain Resort, Monica swam every morning, took exercise classes and went on lengthy hikes. She was incredibly nice to everyone at the spa — passing herself off as Lisa Knoll, a woman who makes handbags for a living.

“But on the fifth day, Monica’s heart sank when she found out she had no significant weight loss.

After another day of soul-searching, she came to her momentous decision about plastic surgery and checked out of the spa a day early.

“Although she is no fan of Linda Tripp, Monica’s impressed with the change Linda has undergone. Monica wants to undergo liposuction on her lower body before the end of spring so she’ll be healed by summer. She’s convinced it’s the only way to go.”