LIZA MINELLI does more than “break a leg” showbiz style, pals fear the worst for the addict prone daughter of JUDY GARLAND!

Liza is once again grap­pling with her longtime addiction to booze and pills, fear pals, who believe she was under the influence when she broke her leg in a recent fall.

Now her family and friends are desper­ately urging the 65-year-old “Cabaret” star to go back to rehab, reveal insiders.

Liza fractured her leg in THREE places and had to undergo surgery in early November.

After the acclaimed star of stage and screen was pho­tographed being pushed around New York City in a wheelchair with her leg in a cast, she told a reporter: “Of all the things I’ve done, Ibreak my leg tripping over my dog!”

Despite her explanation, sources close to the drug-and drink-plagued daughter of Judy Garland insist that after at least four trips to rehab, she still sneaks booze into her New York City apartment.

What’s worse, they believe she’s now back on pain pills after her nasty spill.

“Liza undoubtedly stumbled over her pooch because she was unsteady on her feet from drinking,” a longtime pal told The ENQUIRER. “She likes to say she’s cleaned up her act, but she falls off the wagon every few months and still sneaks drinks from time to time, usually when she’s alone.

Friends and family know it, andthey’ve begged her to go back to rehab. But Liza’s resisted so far. She doesn’t think she has a problem.”

Shortly before the superstar was hos­pitalized for her injury, her behavior had “become erratic,” added an insider.

“She’d announce concerts and then cancel them. Her friends all feared the worst – that she was drinking again.”