MERYL STREEP is taking on a new role as Hollywood’s newest matchmak­er – and she’s playing cupid for her son, HENRY WOLF GUMMER, and KATIE HOLMES.

The three-time Oscar winner got to know single mom Ka­tie on the set of their film, “The Giver,” in South Africa. And Meryl thought the “Daw­son’s Creek” cutie would be a perfect match for her son.

“Meryl was blown away by Katie, not only by her acting talent but also by what a hands-on, loving mom she is,” said a source. “The two women frequently got together for dinner, and Katie confessed that she was having a difficult time dating since her divorce from Tom Cruise.

“She said she’d love to meet some­one close to her age who’s artistic yet not too famous.”

Meryl told Katie that she knew the perfect guy – her 34-year-old son Henry! He’s the eldest of Meryl’s kids with her sculptor husband Don, and he’s pursuing a singing and acting career in Los Angeles.

“Katie was totally game for the setup,” said the source. “She told Meryl to have Henry contact her, and when he did, they hit it off. Now, Katie is eager to get to know Henry better.”

As The ENQUIRER recently reported, Meryl is also playing Cupid to her daughter Mamie Gummer and Mamie’s ex-hub­by Benjamin Walker, spring­ing for a second honeymoon for the divorced couple in hopes they’ll reconcile.

And now she has Katie lined up in her matchmaking crosshairs. The 35-year-old actress divorced “Mis­sion: Impossible” star Cruise, 51, in August 2012 and hasn’t had a long-term relationship since then. Meanwhile, she has sole custody of their daughter, Suri, 7.

“Katie and Henry have been burn­ing up the phone lines,” the source added. “Henry booked a trip back to the East Coast in early February, specifically to meet up with Katie. Meryl is hosting a dinner at her home for them. She’s absolutely tickled.”