SMOKIN’ hot Justin Timberlake is so determined to snuff out his cigarette habit that he’s taking buddy Ben Affleck’s advice to be put into a trance.

The Grammy-winning performer promised his wife Jessica Biel he’d end his dangerous addiction. But after failing miserably, he’s decided to try hypnotherapy, say sources.

“Justin smokes when he’s stressed out, and he caved under the pressure of getting his new album together and preparing for a big tour,” revealed an insider.

“HE SWORE TO JESSICA THAT after their wedding last year, he’d quit. He’s determined to honor his promise, so he’s working with a hypnotist to reduce his cravings.”

The pop star is no stranger to the mind-bending therapy. When he dumped Britney Spears in 2002, he reportedly called hypnotist-to-the-stars Paul McKenna to help him deal with his mixed emotions about the bustup. This time around, Justin – who can be seen puffing on a cigarette and cigar in his new “Suit & Tie” music video – turned to Ben Affleck for advice, his co-star in the upcoming thriller “Runner, Runner.”

As The ENQUIRER revealed, Ben extinguished his own smoking habit with help from a hypnotist after his wife Jennifer Garner pitched a fit when he relapsed while filming “Argo.”

The celebrated actor-director recommended that Timberlake also see a hypnotist, and now it appears Justin is getting off his “butt” just in time, said the source.

“Jessica wants him to quit smoking before they have kids. She wouldn’t tolerate him lighting up in front of her if she’s pregnant.”