“THIS IS THE END” and he knows it? Fab funster JONAH HILL reunited with chubby chasing GF who loves him no matter what!

 PLUS-SIZE “Moneyball” star Jonah Hill has gone back to the only woman who’s loved him through thick and thin – ex-girlfriend Jordan Klein. The two were spotted kissing on a North Hollywood street recently, more than a year and a half after they broke up.

“It’s no surprise that Jonah is getting back together with Jordan,” said a source. “They’ve known each other for more than a decade, and she never cared whether he had money or looks.

She’s the only wolman who’s loved him him regardless of fame, fortune or fat.”

Jonah and Jordan first met while they were high school students in Los Angeles. They started dating in 2008, when Jonah was at his chunkiest. Pals thought they were headed for the altar and were shocked when the couple called it quits in late 2011, not long after Jonah shed a whopping 40 pounds for his role in “21 Jump Street.”

A few months later, Jonah, 29, hooked up with Ali Hoffman, daughter of “Tootsie” star Dustin Hoffman. As The ENQUIRER reported, Jonah and Ali had known each other for several years, but Ali’s interest in the “Superbad” star turned romantic after his stunning transformation from fat to fit.

Ali worked out with Jonah and encouraged him to eat well in an effort to keep him on the right track, but the actor struggled to stay slim. And as he packed on the pounds again, his relationship with Ali started to fizzle out. They split in September. But now he’s rebounded with his ex-flame.

“Jordan loves him regardless of any faults,” added the source. “She’s a wonderful woman.”