NOW IT CAN BE TOLD! The startling secret about the legendary DORIS DAY and ROSE MARIE!

Rose Marie, best known for her long running stint as acid-tongued comedy writer Sally Rogers on the classic “Dick Van Dyke Show” has startled her fans with an amazing announcement.

In celebration of her 90th birthday celebration on Aug. 15, the beloved star doesn’t want any gifts but insists they send donations to her TV co-star and longtime BFF Doris Day’s The Doris Day Animal Foundation.

"It is the finest organization that I know, taking care of God's finest creations – animals," Rose Marie said.

Naturally, Doris was super-excited by her pal’s generosity saying in a loving note: "I am so thrilled to be celebrating my friend Rose Marie's 90th birthday.  We had great fun working on the set of my television show.  In fact, I've never had so much fun working, if you can call it that.  We laughed all the time, sometimes much to the dismay of our director.  But then, he would laugh too.  It was then that I learned of Rose Marie's great love for animals.  She is a real pal and I love her dearly.  I couldn't be more pleased that her fans might want to honor her birthday by making donations to the DDAF,  Please know your donations will be put to good use in Rose Marie's name. With my Love," –Doris Day

For those who are not hip to the national landmark that is Rose Marie —  She launched into show biz at the tender age of 3 on vaudeville circuit as BABY Rose Marie, starred in early talkies and even headlined the notorious Las Vegas Flamingo Club owned by gangster Bugsy Siegel before becoming a household name with the premiere of the "Dick Van Dyke Show” in 1961.  Rose Marie remains the only star to appear on every single incarnation of “Hollywood Squares” and is still making with the snappy one-liners today.

"It’s been one very long performance and the dating prospects are not looking any better at 90," Rose Marie joked.

As per Rose Marie’s wish YOU can make those donations to the national Doris Day Animal Foundation HERE:

AND you can also wish Rose Marie a HAPPY 90th on her official Facebook page:

HAPPY 90th B-DAY ROSE MARIE from all your fans!