Is It True What They’re Saying About Carrie Fisher?!

Is It True What They’re Saying About Carrie Fisher?! thumbnail

Is the Dark Side pulling “Star Wars” legend CARRIE FISHER back to a relapse?

That’s what pals fear after the 57-year-old recovering addict was caught making several suspi­cious trips to a shady apartment in Los Angeles, although when con­fronted by a reporter she denied buying drugs.

FIsher who made Princess Leia a Hollywood icon looked disheveled as she made dai­ly runs to a dilapidated Hollywood apartment. During the mysterious visits, Carrie typically met with one of two women in her car, usually for less than a minute, before zipping off. Other times, she got out and even climbed a staircase outside the apartment house, and went inside for a few minutes.

“She was a mess, frazzled hair and a long black coat,” said an eye­witness. “And she certainly was acting weird.”

On one occasion, Carrie – who’s set to reprise her big-screen role as Princess Leia next year in “Star Wars: Episode VII” – sat in the car while one of the women appeared to hide something in a piece of cardboard. And twice, she took one of the women for a ride around the block and dropped her back off be­fore leaving. Carrie drove either a green Mini or a black BMW.

The actress was also seen be­having strangely during the visits, bobbing her head excitedly, clench­ing her fists and frantically wiping her nose.

When a reporter confronted Car­rie after seeing her at the apartment several days in a row, the star denied she was buying drugs and explained that she was visiting a friend.

“I’ve been coming here for years,” she said.

Carrie has admitted to battling drugs and mental illness in the past but claimed in 2011 that she’d been clean and sober for 23 years with four or five “slips.” She described her struggles in two books, the 1987 best-selling novel, “Postcards from the Edge” and her 2008 memoir, “Wishful Drinking.”

 In 2011, Carrie revealed that she was getting electrocon­vulsive therapy treatments to “blow apart the cement” in her brain. She said she treats her mental illness with prescrip­tion drugs and shock therapy every six weeks. Last year, she ended up in the hospital af­ter suffering a meltdown on a cruise ship.