The shocking addiction boob tube satirist JON STEWART doesn’t want YOU to know!

 LATE-NIGHT funnyman Jon Stewart has morphed into his idol MARTHA STEWART – and turned into a domestic diva!

The “Daily Show” host, 50, and his wife Tracey are parents to Nathan, 8, and Maggie, 7, and he’s hijacked her household chores.

“Jon’s become a master homemaker and primary caregiver of their kids – and he loves it,” said a close friend of the witty Comedy Central star.

“He picks up the towels and linens, cooks and does most of the cleaning himself. He enjoys playing the role of housewife.”

Stewart is so finicky that he even gives the family maid instructions, said the source.

“Jon is constantly either showing her how to do things or doing it himself,” revealed the friend. “He even tells her what detergent and dishwashing soap to use.

“Tracey usually just rolls her eyes at him, but she does admit that sometimes Jon’s obsession with the family’s domestic arrangements gets out of hand.”

Meanwhile, Stewart has hosted his domestic goddess namesake on “The Daily Show” several times, and it’s no surprise that he’s morphed into a Martha clone, said the source.

“Jon jokes that when he changed his surname from Leibowitz to Stewart, it was in honor of Martha,” said the source. “And he ranted against her receiving a jail sentence while Wall Street bankers never have a fear about insider trading.

“Like Martha, he’s incredibly hands-on at home. Jon just  really loves helping out around the house.”