CAMERON DIAZ is talking a blue streak about sex – and it’s grossing out pals, say sources.

The lusty 41-year-old beauty has been spout­ing off about a wide range of X-rated topics in recent interviews while promoting her new health manual, “Body Book.”

Her graphic com­ments about pubic hair, bisexuality and other hot-button topics have been raising eyebrows – and pals say she also boasts about being a wild woman behind closed doors.

“Cameron doesn’t seem to have a filter when it comes to talking about sex,” revealed an insider. “She’s constantly blabbing about who she thinks is hot enough to sleep with and the kinky sex she’d like to have with him. It’s like listening to a teen who’s just discovered sex, not a grown woman in her forties.”

In an April 4 interview with Brit TV host Graham Norton, Cameron ad­dressed the topic of pubic hair, noting: “It is there for a reason and to laser it off is to lose it forever.”

THAT remarked followed some other cringe-worthy comments she’d made in January, when she encouraged women to avoid shaving or waxing their private parts.

In February, the boda­cious blonde opened up about bisexual leanings, proclaiming: “All women have been sexually attract­ed to another woman at some point.” She also said “every woman does want to be objectified,” adding that she finds scantily clad pho­to shoots “empowering.”

Over the past few years, the star’s off-the-cuff comments have repeatedly startled interviewers, say sources.

More than once she’s quipped that “sex is my favorite sport,” and she admitted enjoying sex “on an animalistic level.”

Ironically, insiders say Diaz – whose past con­quests include baseball hunk Alex Rodriguez, ac­tor Jared Leto and singer Justin Timberlake – has been hurting for dates in recent months.

Even though she re­mains a real head-turner, a close source says: “You have to wonder if she’s driving away some guys by being too over-the-top about sex.”