Flame-haired MARG HELGENBERGER is already plotting her next move after her expected exit from CSI, insiders say – she’s marrying boyfriend Alan Finkelstein who’s been accused of violence and smuggling!

"Marg is crazy about Alan," said a source close to the 52-year-old actress. "They’re planning to get hitched after she leaves CSI!"

The two have been virtually joined at the hip since they started dating in early 2010 after her 20-year marriage to actor Alan Rosenberg ended.

"Marg and Alan looked very much in love," said one observer. "They seemed so familiar with each other. I thought they were already married!"

But early in their relationship, Marg – an Emmy winner for the ’80s TV series China Beach – was very secretive about her romance with 60-year-old Finkelstein.

In July, she revealed she had a new man but refused to name him, saying mysteriously: "I have a new boyfriend who’s not in the business."

But The ENQUIRER uncovered Finkelstein’s identity and his checkered background – he’d been busted for allegedly dealing drugs and was accused of domestic violence!

According to law enforcement records, Finkelstein was arrested in April 1979 on charges of conspiring to import huge quantities of marijuana from Thailand.

He denied the charges and was found not guilty after a 13-week trial.

His then-girlfriend, supermodel Esme Marshall, often accompanied him to court.

They lived together for several years, and Esme later claimed Finkelstein abused her
"He tried to run me over once," Esme said in one interview.

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