Steamy phone sex conversations between then Pres. BILL CLINTON and mistress MONICA LEWINSKY were taped and used as a blackmail tool by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – book claims.

Weekly Standard editor Daniel Halper’s new tome Clinton Inc.: The Audacious Rebuilding of a Political Machine claims that Netanyahu used the scandalously sexy chats to try to “convince” the President to secure the release of American Jonathan Pollard, who was spying for the Israelis.

Clinton did indeed lobby for Pollard’s release but it was nixed by the CIA Director.

Halper claims in the book that the steamy phone calls were also intercepted by the British and Russians — and that Lewinsky may not have been the only woman on the other end of Clinton’s phone sex calls.

The bombshell book was compiled by using paperwork — aptly named the “Monica Files” — obtained by a team of lawyers and investigators hired by Lewinsky as a legal defense in case action was taken against the President, and obtained exclusively by Halper.

Halper recalls a March 29, 1997 incident in the book in which Lewinsky meets Clinton in the study outside the Oval Office where the two engage in oral sex before the President warns her of the taped calls.

 “We may have been overheard”, he told her, referring to the steamy calls.

Lewinsky told him she couldn’t believe anyone could have overheard them and he tells her, “If anybody ever says anything about the calls I’ve made to you, tell them we were just joking.”

It was during a 1998 meeting in Maryland that Netanyahu revealed to Clinton that the Israelis had listened to his sex talk calls with Lewinsky but told the President he’d “threw away the tapes,” assuming Clinton would arrange for the release of Pollard.

 “‘Foreign spies weren’t the only ones who knew about the couple’s phone sex,” the book says.