Yoko Ono didn’t break up The Beatles! The REAL culprit is Paul McCartney, who publicly pointed the finger at John Lennon’s widow to take the heat off himself!

That’s the shocking charge by a music industry source who says McCartney’s motivation was money and power!

According to the insider, Paul tried to get his band mates to reign in their spending after The Beatles were left rudderless by the tragic 1967 overdose death of longtime manager Brian Epstein. The group was squandering a small fortune with the mismanagement of their company, Apple.

An accountant drove that reality home in early 1969 when he quit in a huff and left a note that read, “Your personal finances are in a mess.”

“After that, John Lennon and Paul decided they needed a new manager,” the source says. “But John wanted Allen Klein, who’d managed Hermit’s Hermits

and The Rolling Stones. Paul wanted his future wife Linda Eastman’s father and brother, New York attorneys Lee and John Eastman.

“John got George and Ringo to side with him. Klein was named manager. Paul had been warned away from Klein by The Stones’ Mick Jagger, who told Paul in a note, ‘Don’t go near him.’

“But the other three insisted Paul agree to a three-year contract with Klein. He finally relented. John, George and Ringo signed the contract, but Paul never did!”

The band went on to record their last studio album, “Abbey Road”, but squabbled throughout, the source says.

“Tensions were very high, and at one point in September 1969, John even said, ‘That’s it – I’m breaking us up,’ ” the source said.

“But Klein had just gotten the band a nice increase in their royalty rates from their record company EMI, and all agreed that any announcement of the band’s breakup should be withheld for several months.

“All four were already working on solo albums and careers by early 1970.

“McCartney wanted to release his first solo album on April 17, 1970. But there was a Beatles album in the wings – “Let It Be”, recorded in early 1969 – and the other three asked him to wait.”

Paul released his album anyway, while “Let It Be” was pushed to May.

But while John and George had been hinting that there might be more Beatles records and tours, Paul drove the nail in the band’s coffin by publicly declaring there’d be no more Fab Four records.

“John would later insist that he was the one who disbanded The Beatles – because it hurt his ego to know that Paul wielded so much power,” the source says. “Although Paul was really the villain, John’s big mouth resulted in Yoko taking the rap from furious fans.”


“Paul then fled a lawsuit at the end of 1970 to have The Beatles dissolved. The others fought back in court – but because Paul had never actually signed the contract with Klein, the court agreed he was no longer contractually bound to Klein or The Beatles.

“Paul McCartney, by withholding a single stroke of the pen, broke up the most famous and wealthy musical act in the history of music!”

However, fans blamed Yoko, who they suspected held Svengali-like powers over her famous lover. Music industry insiders believed she was a gold digger who fed Lennon’s ego and urged him to break up the band. And it didn’t help that McCartney publicly – and passionately – feuded with Ono. Paul even complained his former partner’s widow “earned more” from his hit tunes than HE did.

Until recently, McCartney let Ono twist in the wind and NEVER rose to her defense.

But Paul finally publicly exonerated Yoko after a decades-long bitter feud, saying, “I don’t think you can blame her for anything.”