ELLEN BARKIN will get the boot from “The New Normal” – simply because she’s so obnoxious!

That’s what insiders are saying about the Emmy-winning actress, who plays Archie Bunker-like Jane Forrest on the edgy NBC sitcom. After repeatedly infuriating the cast and crew with her tantrums and diva-like behavior, according to the insiders, the producers are going to write her out of the show by banishing her character to rehab.

“Ellen will not be returning next season,” claims a set source. “Her character will be sent to seek treatment for her drinking – and people on the show say they couldn’t be happier.”

The sitcom centers on a gay couple who crave a baby. So they hire a surrogate named Goldie, who’s a single mom with a precocious 8-year-old daughter and overbearing grandmother played by Barkin.

AND the screen vet, 58, appears to be just as intolerable as her character!

“Ellen throws tantrums and rants,” said the source. “In the beginning, everyone just rolled their eyes, but her mean-spirited tirades got old fast. There have been turnovers and shooting delays. In my opinion, it was mostly due to Ellen.”

“To tell the truth, if the director didn’t like her acting so much, she probably wouldn’t have lasted this long. But since her character is going to rehab, they could conceivably bring her back. I think THAT would be everyone’s worst nightmare!”