Insider: Bloom’s Boozing Sank Kerr Nups

Insider: Bloom’s Boozing Sank Kerr Nups thumbnail

Model MIRANDA KERR dumped hubby ORLANDO BLOOM over his heavy drinking, a source tells The National ENQUIRER.

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor, 37, got “wasted” during the alcohol fueled bash at his “Lord of the Rings” co-star Ian McKellan’s house, according to an eyewitness.

The party was in June, 2013, in Wellington, New Zealand, where Orlando was filming reshoots for “The Hobbit.” Kerr regularly visited him.

“The party really let loose after Miranda and the nanny took off with their son, Flynn,” the source told The ENQUIRER.

“Orlando got wasted. Miranda hates when Orly gets drunk, because he often blacks out or forgets where he is.

“Someone usually walks him home just to be safe, but I think the drinking was the flaw Miranda used to file the divorce. She hated when Orly would drink a lot and become someone else.”

In one photo obtained by The ENQUIRER, Orlando pours himself a full glass of wine from a large bottle.

In another, he holds two bottles of wine and smirks for the camera in a third.

Orlando and Miranda, 31, tied the knot in 2010, and released a joint statement in 2013 stating they’d “been amicably separated for the past few months.” Their rep said, “After six years together, they have recently decided to formalize their separation. “Despite this being the end of their marriage, they love, support and respect each other.”