POPULAR talk-show host TRISHA GODDARD has had enough drama in her life to fill countless episodes of her syndicated gabfest “Trisha.”

The British-born Goddard has shot to fame after appearing regularly on Maury Povich’s show “Maury” and eventually becoming his guest host. Her spinoff, which debuted in 2012, covers a lot of the same name-calling, tear-spouting ground as her mentor – but that kind of stuff is nothing new for the rising star.

“As a child growing up in England and Tanzania, Trisha was beaten and abused by her violent father,” said a pal. “And her younger sister was a schizophrenic who committed suicide.

“She’s survived a plane crash in the Middle East, and married a politician who turned out to be a closeted homosexual.”

That union lasted just three months, and Trisha later found out that her ex died from AIDS. Fortunately, she tested negative for the HIV virus.

Goddard wed again and had two daughters, Billie and Madison, before discovering that the louse cheated on her during her second pregnancy, leading to divorce number two.

In the early ’90s, Goddard was hospitalized for a suicide attempt after a drug and alcohol overdose.

“I was a single mother, I was taking drugs, my life was a mess,” she admitted. Her turning point came when authorities in Australia, where she was living, threatened to take away her kids. Goddard underwent extensive treatment and fell in love with mental health worker Peter Gianfrancesco. The two married in 1998, but tragedy struck again in 2008 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately, she’s been in remission since undergoing treatment.

“Trisha is one of the strongest women I know,” her pal added. “She wants to help others find the same peace and love she’s found.”