COUNTRY music superstar Randy Travis is out of the hospital and on his way to a full recovery!

“It’s a miracle,” a source close to the “Three Wooden Crosses” singer told The ENQUIRER.

 “No one expected him to sur­vive a month ago, but God heard his fans’ prayers and stepped in to save Randy’s life.

“Now, we’re starting to believe that someday Randy will sing again.”

Asd The ENQUIRER previously reported the Grammy winner, 54,  was admitted to the Baylor Medical Center at McKinney in McKinney, Texas, on July 7 with cardiomyopathy – a condition caused by a virus that attacks the heart muscles and can sometimes lead to cardiac arrest.

ENQUIRER readers learned that Randy’s heart failure could have been exacerbated by his return to drinking after 19 years of sobriety as well as a new addiction to deadly speed.

And things got worse when he suffered a stroke on July 10 and underwent surgery to relieve pressure in his brain – the prognosis was grim.

But despite the improved outlook, Randy may be months from returning home.

 He’s now at a physical therapy facility battling to overcome the partial paralysis he suffered as a result of the stroke.

Said the singer’s fiancee, Mary Davis: “Thanks to all the fans and friends for your continued prayers and support as Randy continues on the road to recovery.”