DESPITE presenting them­selves as a straight-laced, all-American family, the Mis­souri clan who won half of the country’s largest-ever Powerball jackpot is hiding shocking secrets – including a criminal past!

The ENQUIRER has learned that Cody Hill – the son of winner Mark Hill – has a criminal history that spans two states and includes charges of ar­son, assault and passing bad checks!

“He’s far from the model son,” said a friend. “Cody’s got anger issues stem­ming back to his childhood.

“The Hills didn’t want anyone to know about Cody’s past, but now that they’ve won the multimillion-dollar jackpot, they’ve suddenly become na­tional news. It’s something they never expected.”

Mark and Cindy Hill of Dearborn, Mo., won a staggering $293,750,000 in the Nov. 28 Powerball drawing, one-half of the record-setting $587.5 million prize. Another winning ticket was sold in Arizona.

The two were high school sweet­hearts who split up and married other people, but they found their way back together several years ago after divorc­ing their prior spouses.

Mark has two adult sons – Cody, 30, and Jason, 28 – and Cindy has a grown son, Jared, 31. They also have one daughter together, 6-year-old Jaiden, whom they adopted from China five years ago.

According to the source, Cody was a sickly child who suffered from sco­liosis – a curvature of the spine which can lead to diminished lung capacity and difficulty with physical ac­tivities.

He was raised by Mark’s ex-wife, Tammy, who died in 2009.

“His condition and his parents splitting up led to him acting out,” confided the source. “And when his mother died, he really came unglued.

“Naturally, his criminal antics are the disgrace of the family.”

Cody is also spearheading a family feud over the winnings, says the source.

“He’s riled up his brother and stepbrother and caused a lot of re­sentment,” the source explained.

“Mark and Cindy have tried to pres­ent a storybook picture of their family life. But behind the scenes, the boys are clawing at each other over the money. And Mark’s two sons certainly don’t think Cindy is the mother of the year.

“They resent her boy AND the adopted sister. It’s a terrible shame because things could get really messy, really soon.”

When Cindy and Mark came forward as the winners, they said they were considering adopting another child together – and that could cause more trouble. “The boys are wor­ried that by adopting more children, Cindy and Mark will be diluting the fortune even more,” noted the source.

The Hills have chosen a lump-sum payout – $136.5 million after taxes – which is certainly enough money to ensure that each of their kin has a comfortable life.

“It’s more than anyone in the fam­ily ever dreamed about,” added the source. “If it’s done fairly, nobody will lose out. But it wouldn’t be the first time a windfall has wrecked a fam­ily and left them wishing everything was back like it was before.”