KIRSTIE ALLEY’s outrageous claims in her new tell-all book are a desper­ate cry for help, say insiders.

They add that her wild sto­ries about a past packed with raunchy sex and drugs show a sick, obsessive desire for at­tention after living more than a decade without a man.

In “The Art of Men,” the 61-year-old former “Fat Actress” star boasts about great love affairs with multiple stars, including the man she says stole her heart – John Travolta – even though his secret gay life has been exposed by The ENQUIRER.

She says she also fell hard for Patrick Swayze, en­joyed a sick “Shades of Grey”-style affair with an unnamed partner who choked her during rough sex games – and reveals she has “done enough coke to kill several people.”

But her most shocking claims show how messed up and lonely she really is, says an expert.

“This book is a substitute for sex, a substi­tute for love,” noted psychiatrist and “Bad Girls” author Dr. Carole Lieberman told The ENQUIRER.

“Kirstie is a very sensual woman who has a tremendous need to be loved. Because she’s had a series of unrequited loves, she is essentially living on fantasies.”

In her explosive book, Kirstie says both Swayze and Travolta begged her to run off with them and describes them as the great loves of her life.

She says she fell for Travolta while they were filming “Look Who’s Talking” almost 25 years ago and romanced Swayze even earlier in 1985.

But an insider revealed: “Kirstie says she never consummated her feelings for either of them. In fact, Swayze stopped her when she threw herself at him.

“Although she also says she was tempted to have an affair with her ‘Cheers’ co-star Woody Har­relson, she never did. She even claims a cougar relationship with her ‘Dancing with the Star’s’ partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy, but they were never lovers either.”

In her book, Kirstie says Woody constantly pes­tered her for sex, and one night while staying at her house with a girlfriend, he knocked on her door at midnight. But Kirstie says she turned him down “half wishing I wasn’t married that night and would bang his brains out.”

And about her cougar relationship with Maksim, she writes that she’d “catch him staring at me in a sort of awe” and “it shocked me that I ended up loving him to the degree that I did.”

In yet another startling passage, Kirstie writes about being in bed watching television with singer Jonathan Knight. But he’s come out as openly gay!

“It’s genuinely bizarre, Kirstie has written a kiss-and-tell book primarily about the famous men in her life – and yet there’s very little kissing or telling with any of them,” said the insider.

Kirstie, who divorced second husband Parker Steven­son in 1997, has not dated anyone publicly since 2000.

The “Veronica’s Closet” star suffered from low self-esteem due to her much-publicized weight problem and once told an interviewer she “didn’t want to have fat sex.” But in 2011, even after claiming to have lost 100 pounds, she was un­able to find true love, noted Dr. Lieberman, who has not treated Kirstie. “That was crushing,” Dr. Lieberman said. “Her book is a replacement for real-life sex and a real-life man. It’s sad and pathetic.”