“There absolutely no love lost between them” –insider as KIM K- BEYONCÉ feud heats up.

After wedding snub by QUEEN B, KIM has reportedly thrown in the towel on her campaign to be to  Beyonce’s BFF.

At the MTV Music Awards, there “was absolutely no love lost between Kim and Beyoncé,” an insider told RadarOnline.

“Kim blames Beyoncé for Jay Z skipping their wedding,” the source said. “Kanye considered Jay family, and the last minute decision for him to not come to their wedding was extremely selfish.”

Now, according to the source, “Kim has absolutely no use for Beyoncé and Jay, and doesn’t think they are worthy to be friends with Kanye.”

On the day of the wedding, the rapper mogul and his superstar wife were spotted vacationing in the Hamptons with daughter Blue Ivy.

The insider added, Kardashian “Thinks that that Beyoncé has always been very arrogant and aloof around her. Kim always made a real effort to get to know her and Jay, but she was always left with a very cold feeling. Beyoncé made Kim feel very insecure and that isn’t something that she is used to.”

“For a very long time, Kim didn’t tell Kanye how she felt, but after Jay skipped out on their wedding, she let it all come out,” the source said.

Maybe B just doesn’t want to hang with a D-Lister?