TV’s “Bachelorette” Em­ily Maynard is destined for heartbreak because she’s being conned by producers who have rigged the ABC reality show, charge sources.

The ENQUIRER has the in­side scoop on what’s about to unfold on the long-running show’s upcoming season, so if you don’t want to know the juicy details, stop reading here.

But for the rest of you…you won’t believe what we uncovered!

Show insiders re­vealed exclusively to The ENQUIRER that producers LIED about contestants’ back­grounds and recruited at least one of the po­tential suitors because he “fit” what they were looking for – even though he had NO intention of finding his soul mate on the series!

Emily, 26, a children’s hospital event planner from Charlotte, N.C., has also already suffered reality show heartache. She won the final rose on Sea­son 15 of “The Bachelor,” but she and her “fiance,” Brad Womack, split not long after the final show aired.

NOW, THE LOVE-BITTEN single mom has admitted she’s looking for romance again, but the insiders con­tend she’s not likely to find it because the show is a big sham designed to rack up ratings rather than happy endings.

In an exclusive ENQUIRER interview, Joelle Rogers – the grandmother of con­testant Kalon McMahon – told us that he not only doesn’t get the final rose, but that he didn’t even WANT to win because he has no inten­tion of getting married anytime soon!

“There will be no new grand­daughter named Emily in our family’s future,” said the 74-year-old, who lives in Hous­ton.

When golf and photography fanatic Kalon arrived by he­licopter in this season’s first episode, show producers hint­ed that it was HIS chopper, that he was a pilot, and that he was filthy rich.

But Kalon’s granny says the aircraft was rented, her grand­son can’t fly, and he has “about as much money as these home­less guys I give $5 to every time I drive down the street in Hous­ton!”

And Joelle revealed exclu­sively that although Kalon lasts well into the season, his bach­elorhood remains intact.

“Kalon knows you don’t just fall madly in love while spend ing a very structured time with a person under those circumstances,” she said. “It’s laughable. No­body in the family expected him to get married, and nobody’s disap­pointed.”

Joelle noted that Kalon, 27, never even applied to be on “Bachelorette” – she insisted the producers pursued him.

“He’s well-known in Houston as a con­sultant and model,” she explained. “They heard about him and they came after him. Kalon eventually agreed to be on the show just for the life experience. ‘The Bachelorette’ is sup­posed to be about falling in love and getting married, but he never had any intention of doing that.

Insiders maintain that beefing up contestants’ bios isn’t unusual – producers have been known to turn a bartender into a bar owner, a cowboy into a successful rancher and a waiter with a real estate license into a su­per-rich land investor.

“They don’t care bout here feelings – they ONLY care about the ratings.”

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