APPLE acolytes aghast as ASHTON KUTCHER cast as MacDaddy STEVE JOBS.

The announcement that “The Two and a Half Man” star was to play Steve Jobs in an indie biopic had the social networks bumming that it was  a belated April’s Fool joke.  

As any tech savvy savant will tell you passion runs high for the home computing game changing and disciples of the Silicon Giant went bersek Tweeting, trolling and Facebooking.

Over at macrumors user cmvsm wasn't happy: "Bad choice. Kutcher may look like Jobs from a certain perspective, but his acting absolutely tanked a top rated Two and a Half Men show. He's also typically type casted as a goofy, comedic type in just about everything he has done. They should have gone after Noah Wyle again, who played Jobs in the Pirates of Silicone Valley in 1999. He looks like Jobs to an extent, and did a great job with Steve's mannerisms in that particular movie."

Over at CNet users were equally divided.

"I don't want to suggest that this means he can play Jobs well, but if you want to see that Kutcher can act, I suggest watching The Butterfly Effect," wrote ScorpioKing1990. "It is one of my favorite movies and it makes NO SENSE that Ashton Kutcher plays the lead role….but somehow he pulls it off, really, really well in my opinion and now I can't picture it any other way… Based on this performance alone, I will reserve my judgment and give him a chance… But it IS odd."

Others tossed others thepss names around that they’d like to see portray the iconic Jobs including Tom Cruise and Christian Bale.

Yet as far as the film’s publicity department is concerned – mission accomplished without even shooting a  single “frame” of HD—they created a buzz worthy of launching an new app.