Polymorphous perverto KODY BROWN has a message for his SISTER WIVES- GET OUT!

Kody the polygamist with 4 wives – says they are free to get a divorce any time they want to leave.

He claims this isn’t a threat but a “heartfelt promise” he made to to MeriJanelleChristine and Robyn Brown when they entered into a marriage contract with him.

 “We are in this by choice,” Kody told

He promptly ballyhoos the new season of their “reality” show.

Kody and the missus-es say they’ll help others who are forced to live a polygamist lifestyle against their will this coming season.

Brown said he would never force any of his wives to stay with him if they didn’t want to.

“Any one of them could get a divorce and leave if they want to,” he insists.

Let’s see how long they stick once the show is canceled.