“Thelma & Louise” star Geena Davis got caught in a shower — a baby shower!

And the 45-year-old Oscar winner, who’s expecting her first baby in April with new hubby Dr. Reza Jarrahy, 31, received enough gifts to start her own baby boutique.

About 30 close friends and family members turned up for the February 24 party at the Taverna restaurant in Roslyn, Long Island.

“It was a really nice afternoon, but the way Geena was acting I don’t think she would’ve cared if there was a full-blown blizzard going on outside because she was in heaven,” a family member told The ENQUIRER.

“She’s just so incredibly excited about the baby.

“Her shower wasn’t a ‘Hollywood’ party at all. Geena wanted only her closest family and friends to be there to help her celebrate. There were acouple of people at the shower who were in show business, but they weren’t actors. To Geena, it was really a family moment.

“Geena also wanted to keep it very low-key and private so she had it at an Italian restaurant before it opened.

“The group munched on salads, veal. Salmon, sole and chicken while Geena squaled with delight as she opened every gift.”

An eyewitness told The ENQUIRER that Geena — who’s packed on 47 pounds during her pregnancy — wore a very plain gray dress and black shoes with thick soles.

“Her hair was pulled back into a single barrette and she didn’t wear any makeup.

“She was extremely down to earth — and very happy with the gifts she received for the baby.

“Among them were a silver spoon from Tiffany’s, tons of toys from FAO Schwarz, gold bracelets and an ‘Oscar-like’ gown from Lord & Taylor.”

The family member added: “There were all kinds of baby clothes — from fancy booties to full designer outfits. It’s amazing how many gifts she got — this little baby is not going to need anything new until it’s about five years old!”