Supermodel Christie Brinkley‘s cheat of an architect hubby Peter Cook has reportedly paid more than $300,000 in hush money to his former teen lover, according to The New York Post.

Cook paid then 20 years old, Diana Bianchi, the other woman in the Brinkley divorce suit, for a promise not to sue the philanderer for sexual harassment.

Two sources familiar with the deal said Cooke, 49, paid Bianchi $300,000 never to talk about their relationship especially since she was mere 18 years old when she began servicing him in the cloistered confines of his Hamptons architectural firm.

Cooke’s payoff was intended to prevent his two kids with Brinkley from hearing all the seamy details of their affair in court may be for naught.

Christie Brinkley has requested and been granted public access to the divorce. 

Christie wants the whole world to see how she was betrayed —  and now they will with ‘Pubic’ Exhibit Number One front and center.

Once a witness has been subpoeaned, confidentiality agreements are not binding during ciourtroom proceedings

Bianchi, through her lawyer Rosemarie Arnold, told the New York Post, “I am not interested in getting involved in a dispute with Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook.

"If compelled to testify, I will do so truthfully."
As for party boy Cook, heck hath no fury like two -count ’em – women scorned.