OSCAR winner Jennifer Law­rence feels so overworked and un­derloved that she’s ready to ditch her red-hot Hollywood career before she suffers a nervous breakdown, say friends.

Still just 22, the gor­geous “Silver Linings Playbook” star has done seven films in the past two years alone and is now shooting a sequel to the hit “X-Men: First Class” flick. In addition to filming, she’s run herself ragged promot­ing the movies.

“It’s all been too much, too soon for Jennifer,” a pal told The ENQUIRER.

“She cried one night, saying she barely feels human. She feels like her family and close friendships are slip­ping away.”

In January, Jenni­fer split from British actor Nicholas Hoult, just two years after they fell in love while co-starring in “X- Men: First Class.” This sum­mer, the two reunited while shooting the movie’s sequel, and Jen is telling friends she wants both her boyfriend and her life back.

The actress first raised alarms earlier this year while on location in Hawaii. She was spotted downing wine and smoking what appeared to be marijuana with a pal on a hotel balcony.

“Jennifer says she doesn’t have a substance abuse issue but finds it difficult to decompress after her heavy work schedule,” explained an insider. Vowing to slow down, the super-hot star is booking no new projects, and sources say she’s plan­ning to take at least a year off from the Hollywood grind.

“Jennifer sees the warn­ing signs that she’s pushing herself too hard,” said her pal. “She doesn’t want to get swallowed up by her own career.”