HUGH JACKMAN is nearly invincible playing Wolverine on the big screen, but sources say another bout with skin cancer has the hunk’s wife worried about his mortality in real life!

A friend of Hugh’s wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, says the 57-year-old director and producer had long assumed her handsome husband, who’s 12 years her junior, would outlive her.

“But now she’s not so sure,” the friend continued. “Obviously, the last thing she’d ever want would be to lose Hugh, but she also wants to make sure their two kids have a father for many years to come.”

Another source said: “The thought of life without Hugh and being a single parent terrifies her.”

On May 8, the 45-year-old actor revealed in an Internet post that he needed to have a second spot of cancer – a basal cell carcinoma – removed from his nose. The new malignancy was treated just six months after the Australian actor’s first bout with the disease, which he also revealed through the Internet. In both posts, he urged his followers to use sunscreen. According to The Skin Cancer Foundation, approximately 2.8 million people are diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma each year in the U.S.

“Not only is Deb scared that the cancer returned so quickly, but Hugh is rightfully concerned about it as well – despite his public outward calm about the matter,” said the friend.

“To have another patch of infected cells scooped out from his nose is not a good thing for anyone, but especially for an actor whose close-up shots are all in high definition.

“There could be scarring, and plastic surgery might be required. Still, Hugh knows full-well he’s one of Hollywood’s top box-office hunks with his handsome face and muscular, chiseled body, and he expects to keep it that way.”

Although the action hero is not worried that the recurrent bouts of skin cancer will affect his career, the friend says he may suddenly be feeling very vulnerable.

“For a lot of people, once you have any form of cancer, you worry about it spreading or developing into other, more deadly forms of cancer,” explained the friend. “Of course, Hugh is trying to put on a brave face for his wife and kids, but I think this second bout with skin cancer has to have him concerned.”

Meanwhile, he’s apparently doing all he can to protect himself from the sun.

“Now, whether he’s out strolling in his West Village (NYC) neighborhood or in the blazing Australian sun, he’s vigilant about slathering on sunblock over every pore of his face,” the source said. “His family is just too dear and precious to him not to take this simple and lifesaving precaution.”