Cap’n Kirk  WILLIAM SHATNER really IS a savvy negotiator, boldly amassing a $600 million fortune.

Shatner, 79, who once suffered the humiliation of living in his van after the original Star Trek series was canceled, is nothing but uber-rich today.

The former TJ Hooker and Boston Legal star wasn’t getting big bucks in residuals from those TV series so just how did the Shat man do it?

The shrewd Shatner, in his 1997 negotiations with, scored a piece of the action – agreeing to take shares as part payment.

At first, shares plummeted during the dot-com bubble burst but over the past decade the firm’s – and Shatner’s  – net worth has turned around and the firm is now worth nearly $300 per share!

While Priceline has not officially said how much Shatner is paid, Wall Street insiders have estimated his fortune at $600 million.

And with two Shat shows slotted for the Biography Channel including Shatner’s Aftermath about overnight news sensations and Raw Nerve, the cagey starship captain has no worries about EVER living in a van again.