How Julia Roberts Used Her Star Power To Hide The Truth!

JULIA ROBERTS’ uses superstar legal muscle to muzzle late sister NANCY MOTES' grief-stricken fiancé – sources.

THEY’RE the messages and tapes Julia Roberts tried to hide. Since her sister’s fateful demise, sources claim the actress has been on a mission to silence the one person who could potentially blow the lid off the private persecution of her sister – Nancy’s fiancé, John Dilbeck, The ENQUIRER has learned.

Behind the scenes, Julia has gone to great lengths to ensure the public doesn’t get to peek behind her cheery public façade, one source adds. Julia used her star power – and multi-million dollar fortune – in a desperate attempt to contain the damage by hiring a high-powered Hollywood attorney.

The legal team dragged John into court in an effort to claim ownership over Nancy’s personal belongings, the source says.

They were successful.

The ENQUIRER can reveal that Julia and her mother, Betty Lou Motes, obtained an emergency order appointing Betty Lou as an administrator of Nancy’s estate. A subsequent court order prohibited John from releasing a trove of information said to be in his possession.

They reportedly include dozens of emails, voice messages and writings during which Nancy branded her superstar sibling a “mean girl.”

When the Los Angeles coroner declared Nancy’s death a suicide, and not an accidental overdose, John went public and claimed it served as “proof that Julia was manipulating the truth” and her emotion had only been “crocodile tears.”

He said Julia “persisted that this was just a drug overdose and that Nancy was a drug addict. I want everyone to know Nancy was not a drug addict.” John has also claimed Julia and the family had Nancy’s body cremated without inviting him to the funeral.

When approached for her thoughts about the findings of The ENQUIRER’s investigation, Julia chose not to comment.