COLDHEARTED country mu­sic queen TAYLOR SWIFT kicked 18-year-old boyfriend Conor Kennedy to the curb – telling the barely legal hottie: “Sorry, you’re bad for MY career!”

Sources say that’s the harsh truth behind the 22-year-old Grammy win­ner’s decision to abruptly end her romance, shattering the smitten teen’s heart.

“Conor’s just devastated that Tay­lor chose career over love,” a source close to the Kennedy family told The ENQUIRER. “She’s making it appear Conor did the dumping because she didn’t want to come out looking like the villain. But the bottom line is the poor kid is heartsick over the breakup. He believed they were headed to the altar.

“He’s still reel­ing from the suicide of his mom Mary in May, and the Kennedys are very concerned his broken heart will take a long time to heal.”

As The ENQUIRER reported in early September, the pair was making plans for a walk down the aisle before the end of the year. But the singer had second thoughts about romancing a boy still in high school and wanted to focus her at­tention on her new album “Red.”

To complicate matters, some members of the famous clan viewed Taylor as being overly ambitious and too intent on becoming the next Jackie Kennedy.

“Although Ethel and Rory Kennedy had embraced Taylor, she didn’t like the conflict with Maria Shriver, Caroline Kennedy and some other members of the family,” said the source. “It was ruining her goody-goody image and became another reason she wanted out of the relationship.”

The romance began this sum­mer as Conor, the son of Robert Kennedy Jr., was mourning the loss of his mother.

“Taylor took advantage of Conor at a time when he was most vulnerable,” claimed the source. “Now that they’ve broken up, Conor is a wreck. He’s trying to forget about Taylor. Mean­while, she’s already put him out of her mind and is concentrating on selling her latest record.”

But that doesn’t mean the sweet-voiced singer is completely done with the Kennedys.

Taylor is still going through with plans to buy a mansion next to the family’s compound in Massachusetts.

“If she moves in,” said the source, “that will be a knife in Conor’s heart.”