Gretchen Rossi: Is Jay Photoglou a "stalker" – or a "family friend"?
Real Housewives of Orange County hottie Gretchen Rossi has referred to him as both – even though Jay revealed in the March 2 issue of The ENQUIRER that he and Gretchen were having a love affair while her leukemia-stricken fiance, Jeff Beitzel, lay dying in a California hospital. Jeff died on Sept. 13, 2008.

Gretchen then  denied the romance, alternately referring to Jay as a "stalker" and a "family friend."

On the Bravo hit’s Feb. 24 reunion special, housewife Tamra Barney branded Gretchen a liar when she admitted she took Jay on a family vacation while Jeff was hospitalized.

"I thought you said he was a stalker!" shrieked Tamra.

Jeff’s ex-wife, Sharon Beitzel, called Gretchen a "manipulative gold digger" – and said that Jeff was on to her.

Just weeks before he died, Sharon visited Jeff in the hospital, and he said he knew Gretchen was cheating, she says.

"But in the condition he was in, it really wasn’t that important," Sharon told The ENQUIRER.
"One of the last things Jeff said was, ‘If I ever get out of this hospital, it’s over between Gretchen and me.’

"No matter how you slice it, Gretchen is a liar. Jeff knew it. I know it, and hopefully the viewers will now know."