Horndog penile provocateur ANTHONY WEINER returns to social platform that made his schlong infamous – Twitter.

The Hollywood Reporter informs a waiting world weary of tragedy that yesterday’s joke fueled scandal may reignite a political career as Weiner re-Tweets.

As The ENQUIRER previously reported a media s**tstorm erupted nearly two years ago in May 2011, when the then-Democratic congressman from New York “accidentally” tweeted a photo of his male member housed in grey jockey in an aroused state to no-less than 45,000 followers, denied it, before finally admitting it before resigning in disgrace from “pubic” service.

Now, Weiner is – dare we say  it – is seemingly setting the stage for a political comeback in the form of a potential run for New York City mayor.

 Weiner, 48, has returned to the scene of the crime, launching a new account on the solipsistic social media site.

So far, @anthonyweiner has issued two tweets – both relating to "Keys to the City," an online brochure outlining "64 ideas to keep New York the capital of the middle class."

Weiner and his missus Huma Abedin, 36, a former Hillary Clinton aide, have returned to the public spotlight in recent weeks, a calculated P.R. move in which they broke their silence about his engorged sense of entitlement.

Weiner has yet to announce an official run. Stay tuned, fans of political hubris.  John Edwards, we hardly knew ye!