“GIRL, Interrupted” beauty Winona Ryder is reeling from a health crisis that’s forced her to drop out of a movie — and curb her Hollywood fast-lane lifestyle.

The 29-year-old star doubled over with crippling abdominal pain while filming “Lily and the Secret Planting” in London. She was diagnosed with a severe gastroenterological disorder and flew thousands of miles so she could recuperate at home.

“Winona’s really been to hell and back with this gastro problem,” an insider declared. “She’s telling pals, ‘It’s the sickest I’ve ever been. The cramps were so severe that I felt like I was dying.’ “

Winona’s ordeal began on Thursday, August 16.

“She was on the set of the film when she just about fainted from stomach pain,” said the insider. “She was sweating bullets and as white as a ghost.

“Winona was sent back to her hotel room. But her condition didn’t improve, so she was rushed to a private London hospital. A gastroenterologist was called in and a battery of tests were run.

“Doctors returned with grim news — a vicious stomach virus had worked its way so far into Winona’s system that she wouldn’t be up and around for at least another two weeks.

“Winona had planned on staying in London through September shooting the film, but doctors urged her to drop out of the movie.

Illness forced Winona to lose the role of Michael Corleone’s daughter in “Godfather III.”

“Winona spent the rest of the following week in bed in her hotel suite at the posh One Aldwych hotel in London.

“And on Friday, August 24, a shaky Winona flew back to Los Angeles.

“Bed rest and a low-key lifestyle are the keys to her full recovery. And that’s hard for Winona, who loves to hit the clubs and thrives on a full social life.

“Winona loves her night life and her rock and roll. She’s going to have to curb those habits if she’s going to beat this thing.”