HOLLYWOOD has a big heart! In the midst of the greatest American tragedy, celebrities are doing what they can to help mend the nation’s wounds.

Elizabeth Taylor paid a visit to the New York Armory, where the families and friends of those missing in the World Trade Center attack came to fill out forms in the desperate hope of finding their loved ones.

The screen legend offered comfort to those in pain, holding their hands, hugging them and shedding tears with them.

Said a source: “Liz even gave a few people her personal phone number and said, ‘If you need someone to talk to, don’t hesitate to give me a call.'”

Jim Carrey has pledged $1 million to help the families of those killed or missing in the disasters in New York and at the Pentagon, saying he was making the donation “with my deepest sympathy for their unredeemable personal losses.”

Rosie O’Donnell gave the American Red Cross $1 million the day after the September 11 carnage.

Her spokeswoman Jennifer Glaisek said, “She hopes other people will follow and give what they can, whether it’s time or money.”

Britney Spears is turning over $1 for every ticket sold on her fall concert tour, as well as auctioning off front row seats at every show and selling exclusive merchandise to benefit the children of slain fire fighters and policemen.

Whitney Houston is re-releasing her 1991 rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” with all funds going to the New York Fire Fighters 9-11 Disaster Relief Fund and the New York Fraternal Order of Police.

Michael Jackson is planning to bring together a group of fellow music stars to record a new song of his called, “What More Can I Give,” with all proceeds going to victims of the terrorists and their families.

Jennifer Lopez is donating $25,000 from each show on her Puerto Rican concert tour.

Steve Buscemi, who worked as a New York fireman from 1980 to 1984 before his acting career took off, lent a hand to his old hook & ladder company as a volunteer.

Hilary Swank went to work saving dogs and cats from abandoned apartment buildings near the wreckage of the World Trade Center.

Pierce Brosnan and Jane Seymour agreed to participate in a jazz concert organized by former “Mork & Mindy” star and Dixieland musician Conrad Janis at the L.A. nightclub Lunaria to benefit New York’s finest and bravest.

Ben Vereen watched the tragic events of September 11 unfold from his Brooklyn home across the East River from Manhattan — then spent six days helping out at the disaster site.

“He handed out gloves and masks and moved food around,” said his spokesperson Trevor Baptiste.

Christopher Titus and his fellow “Titus” cast and crew members draped the set of their FOX TV show with American flags and put cards on the studio audience’s seats with the addresses of the firemen and police funds so people could send donations.

Chris told The ENQUIRER he’ll be selling a T-shirt called “The Fires of Freedom” on his Web site and elsewhere, and “all the money will go to the firemen and police funds.”

Christie Brinkley and her children Alexa and Sailor Lee sold lemonade in Water Mill, N.Y., to benefit the Red Cross.

Ed McMahon wants to organize a USO show for American troops. “I can’t wait to do something,” Ed — who was in college when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941 — told The ENQUIRER. “I’ve got those same old stirrings I experienced back in 1941!”

Martha Stewart has been cooking up a storm for the cops and firemen of New York. Her kitchens were working nonstop and she’s also hand-delivered baskets of goodies including home-baked cookies to hospitals in lower Manhattan.