LATEST! “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” clan is coming apart at the seams as family patriarch Mike “Sugar Bear” Thomp­son battles a mysterious brain disorder.

In early August, the redneck reality TV family – including Mama June and 7-year-old Alana – traveled to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Fla., where Sugar Bear, 41, underwent a battery of neurological tests.

Mama June, 33, appears to be devastated.

“She’s a basket case,” said a source. “They’ve had Sugar Bear in and out of the doctor’s office and on different medications, but nothing has worked.

“So far, medical experts are stumped as to what he’s actually suffer­ing from.

“For June, Alana and the other kids, not knowing has been the hardest part.”

Just a few months ago, Sugar Bear was hospitalized after getting dizzy and passing out. Then, on a recent episode of their hit TLC show, Mama June and Sugar Bear were hashing out plans for their upcoming “commitment ceremony” when he started suffering from intense pain.

Sugar Bear was rushed to the hospital and admitted to the ICU, where he was di­agnosed with pneumonia and pancreatitis. That’s particularly dangerous for him since he’s diabetic.

And now it seems there’s something wrong with his brain. June has posted updates about Sugar Bear’s battle on social media sites but has not disclosed what the problem might be. She has, however, indicated that she thinks it’s not going to be good news.

Last September, Sugar Bear was treated for a foot infection stemming from a mud-bogging incident. And around Christ­mas, he was rushed to the hospital after becoming sick during the family’s holiday toy drive.

“It’s been one thing after the other for the past six months,” added the source. “Sugar Bear just doesn’t take care of himself.

“He’s never eaten healthy and has always chewed tobacco. June’s biggest fear is that he could have a tumor on his brain.”