Homer Simpson’s greatest dream is coming true: A Beer Hall of Fame!

The U.S. Beer Drinking Team, an organization of brewlovin’ guys and gals out of Baltimore, has been on a sobering search to find the perfect city for the beer drinker’s ultimate vacation destination.

The team has drafted a long list of possible cities, but only one of the 36 finalists will be tapped as the location for The Beer Hall of Fame!

“Obviously, the beloved beer capital, Milwaukee, was kind enough to invite us to their city, but some others include Chicago, Tampa-St. Petersburg, Pittsburgh, Portland and Baltimore,” the U.S. Beer Drinking Team captain, Dennis Buettner, told Planet Tab.

He said The Beer Hall of Fame will include seven themed drinking establishments — a sports bar, an Asian karaoke bar, Australian, Caribbean, British and Irish pubs, as well as a German beer garden.


It will also feature 2,000 different bottled beers and more than 300 brews on tap.

“But this is not about people gathering to just guzzle beer, it’s a place for beer lovers to give praise to their favorite beverage,” he said.

“The Beer Hall of Fame will be designed to appeal to families. It will include a brewery tour, a beer museum, a radio broadcast studio for a 24-hour satellite beer show, entertainment for kids and live music.”

He said the group will make their decision in late September and then announce the lucky winner during, when else? . . . Oktoberfest.