Some of Hollywood’s hottest hunks go to nudie bars to watch the revealing routines — and wind up revealing the naked truth about themselves while they’re at it!

Top stars like George Clooney, Matthew Perry, Sting and Ray Liotta can be cheap, crude and kinky when they strip off their glamorous images at girlie joints, eyewitnesses at L.A.’s top strip club, 4 Play, told The ENQUIRER.

“Hollywood royalty become Hollywood rats when they hit the strip bars,” a Hollywood insider said. “Anything goes with these guys, and their stinginess and obnoxious demeanor is more shocking than the most lurid striptease.”

Incredibly, the megabucks music, TV and movie idols turn into skinflints when they head out to see some skin. “George Clooney was in here recently with two friends,” revealed a source at the 4 Play. “He and his pals griped about having to buy the $6.50 one-drink minimum after paying a $10 cover charge.”

Clooney’s publicist confirmed he spent time at the 4 Play, but says Clooney’s complaint wasn’t about paying for the drinks. “He was grousing about there being no liquor in the club,” said the rep.

The source added: “Penny-pinching Matthew Perry came in and tried to weasel out of paying the $6.50 for the required nonalcoholic beverage, too. After his friends convinced him to pay up, Matt paid, but left a cheesy $1 tip. Then he headed up to the VIP rooms with a curvy Brazilian blonde, where he spent $150 for a private session.”

Sources say Perry, who has avoided booze since his recent stint in rehab, likes to visit 4 Play because only nonalcoholic beverages are served there — and he especially enjoys his visits to the steamy VIP rooms.

“There are couches in the VIP rooms and the girls can get right up on top o the guys as long as they keep their G-strings on,” explained a club insider. “The guys have to keep their clothes on and they can’t touch the girls at all.”

A big celebrity fan of the VIP section is famous rocker Sting. Sources say he selects skinny brunette dancers with big boobs, and makes kinky demands when he’s alone with them.

“One night in late January, he surprised a busty beauty with long black hair when he asked her to keep her bra top ON while she danced for him,” the club insider said. “Then he asked her to whisper her private sexual fantasies into his ear while she performed — and got hot under the collar and began blushing!

“But Sting cheaps out as well. Downstairs in the lounge, Sting and a pal griped about the $13 price for two nonalcoholic beers and didn’t leave any tip for their waitress. It’s amazing how tight these guys can be.”

The prize for bad behavior goes to “Blow” actor Ray Liotta, who is called “Rude Ray” by club employees.

“In late January, he came in acting like a fool and crudely asked a lap dancer about her private parts,” said the club insider. “He asked her how she was shaved under her G-string. Then he told her he didn’t want a lap dance unless she ‘satisfied him.’ The girl walked away in disgust.

“Later when he headed to the VIP room with a sultry brunette fro a private session he kept up his crude behavior. When she came down she was upset and angry and said ‘That guy’s a disgusting pig!’ Ray was as obnoxious as they come.”

“Ray Liotta is an abusive, lousy customer and the girls cringe when he enters,” agreed the Hollywood insider. “These stars don’t seem to care that they are being entertained by hard-working girls who are trying to earn a living. They expect to be pampered and treated like kings everywhere they go.”