Celebs have NO place to hide when they’ve been jilted or betrayed right before getting married!    This HALL OF SHAME round-up is JUST for  YOU – the new breed of ENQUIRING MINDER!

Getting dumped right before you’re set to walk down the aisle is embar­rassing enough for anyone. But when you’re a top celeb­rity, being left at the altar (or close to it) makes headlines and is even more humiliating.Here’s a look at Hollywood stars who were shocked to hear “I don’t” just before they planned to say “I do.”

TWILIGHT star ROB PATTINSON must surely feel like he’s been left at the altar after his co-star and live-in ladylove KRISTEN STEWART was caught cheating on him.It was just two months ago that Kristen, 22, was spotted trying on engagement rings at Neil Lane jewelers in West Hollywood.And Rob, 26, recently revealed in an interview that, “Yes, of course,” he planned to settle down and have children with Kristen. BUT when the actresss was caught in a lip-locking scandal with married director Rupert Sanders, there was no way Rob was going to say “I do,” and gave Kristen the boot.

Party-hearty girl TARA REID, 36, was all set to marry MTV veejay CARSON DALY, 39, in 2001 after dating for two years. Tara’s “Josie and the Pussycats” co-stars Rosario Dawson and Rachael Leigh Cook were already tapped to be bridesmaids. But the would-be bride had second thoughts when she learned Carson had been cheating on her. “When something’s not right, it’s not right,” she told an interviewer. “I did everything I could to make the relationship work and it didn’t.”

He probably didn’t mind all that much, but just days before his planned wedding last July, 86-year-old “Playboy” mogul HUGH HEFNER got dumped by fiancee CRYSTAL HARRIS. The 26-year-old Playmate said she couldn’t get used to all the women hanging around her man. Hef, on the other hand, is very used to it.

KELLY OSBOURNE, 27, and fashion model LUKE WORRALL, 22, announced their engagement in March 2009. But their wedding plans crumbled when Kelly reportedly found out that Luke was cheating on her with a woman who was about to undergo a sex change operation. “Luke Worrall makes me sick!!!” Kelly tweeted. “He has been (bleeping) hundreds of girls as well as men behind my back.”

BEN AFFLECK, 39, and JENNIFER LOPEZ, 43, were such a close couple the media dubbed them “Bennifer.” The two stars had an elaborate wedding planned for September 2003, but J.Lo went ballistic when The ENQUIRER revealed Ben was caught cheating with a Canadian stripper. Just four days before the wedding, J.Lo called it off, leaving Ben standing with his tux in hand. J.Lo married Marc Anthony in June 2004. And we all know how that worked out!

Motorcycle maker and reality show star JESSE JAMES, 43, was shown the door by SANDRA BULLOCK, 48, after he got caught cheating. But the tattooed chopper king seemed a perfect match for tattoo reality show queen KAT VON D, 30. They got engaged in January 2011, but six months later Jesse showed Kat the door, saying: “The distance between us was just too much.”

“The Wrestler” star EVAN RACHEL WOOD, 24, said it was MARILYN MANSON’s use of eyeliner that attracted her to the bizarre, makeup-loving rocker, 43, in 2006. No one expected it to last, but the couple got engaged in January 2010. Wedding plans were scuttled seven months later, however, when Manson broke it off. Evan came out as a bisexual earlier this year, but who’d have thought Manson would have minded? She couldn’t get used to all the women hanging around her man!