Many of Hollywood’s top stars are self-centered phonies who use their influence to undermine traditional values and force their bizarre lifestyles on America!

That’s the shocking claim in a new book that Tinsel Town’s power elite doesn’t want you to read.

It’s called “Hollywood Interrupted: Insanity Chic in Babylon — The Case Against Celebrity,” by Andrew Breitbart, who works for the Internet site “The Drudge Report,” and Mark Ebner, a former contributor to Spy magazine.

The authors claim that many talk show hosts are refusing to interview them because they’re afraid of offending stars. But all you have to do is look at Janet Jackson’s breast-baring stunt at the Super Bowl to see what Breitbart and Ebner are talking about.

“Celebrities take advantage of their popularity to denigrate and undermine what’s right with America,” Breitbart told The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview.

“They want to make us believe that their sleazy lifestyles are normal. The stars have turned show business into a transparent freak show.

“We admire crazies like Courtney Love, Anne Heche, Anna Nicole Smith and Winona Ryder, who say ‘Look at me — I’m a freak.’ They may be drug addicts, drunks or shoplifters, but they’re still respected because of their fame.”

And the stars quickly learn to use their fame to get whatever they want, says Breitbart.

Despite their wealth, they look for freebies from restaurants, airlines and exclusive stores. They expect preferential treatment.

A perfect example is the way unstable celebrities like Angelina Jolie, who wore a vial of Billy Bob Thornton‘s blood around her neck, go to the head of the line to adopt children, he says.

According to Breitbart, most celebs go astray because of “insatiable egos.”

“The desire to become a star requires an incredible appetite for attention and approval,” he said. “And this self obsession invariably becomes a sickness.” — JOHN SOUTH